FTVGirls – Brianna – Flexible Bundle of Joy – 237 Photos & 44mins Vids -Oct 19, 2023

Lovely ‘fun-sized’ Brianna introduces herself with a bang here on FTV today as she performs some gymnastics outdoors, flipping and stretching her leg above her head – and we notice immediately she has no panties on underneath! Pulling down her top to show off her pert pair she enjoys her own body in the great outdoors, rubbing her privates with her fingertips with one foot up against a building. A sensual dance on the tabletop is next as she strips down nude to shake that super cute butt, twerking and moving with the music and singing along as well! Grabbing a magic wand type vibrator she spreads her legs and buzzes her clit, enjoying the stimulation before getting kinky with anal penetration right there on the kitchen counter, using a literal fucking-machine which goes faster and faster til she reaches orgasm! Afterwards she heads back outside, doing a little flashing and gymnastics and then showing off her tight stretchy workout gear – including the cameltoe her shorts give her. Stripping sensually out of her shorts and top we see her stretching against a tree and then sitting in a swinging chair, her legs behind her shoulders as she masturbates with a vibrating toy…and then for one more stunt she does the splits across two benches along with some contortion poses to show that amazing flexibility and gorgeous body one more time before saying goodbye! Brianna is a super cute, super sexual and super fun girl with flexibility galore and a very hot body, perfect for this appearance on FTV Girls!

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Author: Joker