FTVGirls – Ari – Sicillian Sensuality – Photos & Videos – Oct 09, 2023

She’s a total first timer who has never shot any adult before, nor modeled anything even though she is sexy, leggy and tall. We first see her at a fancy resort, as she’s wearing a short white dress, parading around and teasing us upskirt and downblouse, and wow she does have a nice round butt and some perfect full, firm D cup breasts! It’s hot to watch her walk around with those big breasts out, then find a couch right in the open and start masturbating with her personal vibrator! Even in the heat, she manages to have a strong orgasm right there! Back home, she shows off her very pretty privates, and closeups of her clit, before trying out the Magic Wand Toy. Notice her strong vaginal contractions on orgasm! She likes it so much that she even does it again, a second time. She then tries out the Big Ten Toy, and takes it in real easily, and nearly takes 9 inches of it deep! Then she gapes for us, so we can see deep inside her pretty pink. Putting on some workout clothes, she visits the gym, and goes all out on teasing her big breasts and her vagina while stretching and working out! She does enjoy showing off her assets… even at a restaurant! Back home after a pee session, she then does a fun naked dance to her kind of music. After her first time experience, she returns three months later to shoot again, this time with Lia, being reintroduced, fingering her wetness and masturbating with her new personal vibrator. Then she does a sexy dance to music, rubbing her privates before going for some more clit closeups and dildo play. The dildo is big and thick, and she gets cumming with the Vibraking toy. Out poolside, she continues with the large toys, this time the big blue vibrator. Lastly, she tries out the Pink Monster Toy in the shower, riding it hard and deep and in combination of her personal vibrator has a nice strong orgasm! Enjoy this new sexy, busty and very capable brunette, she’s quite erotic to watch!

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