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Erotic legend Sandra Shine directs hot Hungarian brunette Vicky Love in this sunny, sexy movie. Vicky is outdoors, painting a bare brick wall with protective oil – she’s working hard, but her fun-loving, horny nature soon wins out. She’s dressed in tight red micro-shorts, pink flip-flop sandals that flaunt her cute toes, and a white tank with skinny straps… and things soon get gloriously messy.
As she squats down, Vicky drips oil on her thigh – then uses her large brush to slather on more. It trickles down her leg to her foot and she massages her skin with latex-gloved hands, as the camera lingers on every detail. Smiling, she takes a break, sits on a garden chair and gives her other leg similar treatment before drizzling her top with oil. Immediately, the thin white cotton turns transparent; it clings to her perfect breasts and reveals her brown nipples.
She caresses her body, sliding her hands inside of her clothes, then rolls her top down around her waist to bare her tits. Her hands roam, slathering the slick liquid all over her smooth skin, then she splays her legs wide to apply more to her crotch, using her brush. Her shorts are drenched and she removes them to expose her naked, shaved pussy to the stiff bristles, then moans with delight as she masturbates it.
Well-lubed, she sinks then pumps three fingers deep in her snatch. Once again she uses the brush – her slit gets a gentle spanking before she slides the handle into her snatch, like a dildo, then grinds it against her clit. Captured in sharp close-up, her swollen nub gets even more stimulation from the bristles, then the camera pulls away to reveal the full picture of her ecstatic face and trembling body.
She reaches around from behind for a change of angle – and this is enough to tip her over the brink. Whimpering with pure pleasure, Vicky orgasms, body undulating as she humps against her hand. Finally, when she can’t cum any more, she caresses her curves, teasing herself briefly with the glove as she settles back to relish the afterglow…

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