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Striking sassy poses in her black-latex fetish mask, Lil Karla is in kink mode – so far, so typical for this cute blonde. However, her white-lace lingerie betrays an urge to get back to basics. Today, she’ll flavor her solo sex with a scoop of vanilla.

Her realistic sucker-dildo is stuck to the wall at face level, and she nuzzles the veined shaft and tongues the crown. This gets her juices flowing and, as one hand jacks the hefty tool from root to tip, the other gets busy between her thighs, rubbing her slit through her panties.
She starts to suck on the mock-cock, watching herself in the mirror as she blows it slow and deep. Then she ups the horny ante with a slow strip, peeling off the layers of lace to expose her small, natural breasts and shaved pussy. Her eyes linger on her beautiful body for a moment or two – then she unmasks to reveal the real Lil Karla. No costume, no playing a role – right now, she’s simply a hot, naked girl who wants to cum.
She slides the dildo down the wall, then kneels to back her snatch onto it. She twists and squirms as the fat head penetrates and opens her up, but soon she needs a deeper stroke. Standing, she slips it higher up, then sinks it back in her pussy until she feels the heavy balls graze her butt – then she grinds hard up against it.
In a moaning frenzy, she yanks the toy off of the wall to pound herself on the bed doggy-style. Then, rolling on her back she splays herself wide as she plows and churns her foaming pussy to orgasm. Once again, she suckers the dildo to the wall, leaving her hands free to roam as she laps her creamy juices off of it…

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Author: Joker