FTVGirls – Kendal – Naturally Gifted – 432 Photos & 97mins Vids – Sep 04, 2023

This super gorgeous blonde is truly naturally gifted with her splendid figure — she’s got some very sexy toned legs, perfect flawless butt, and nice round C/D cup naturals! We first see her in a sexy dress & heels, walking through a pretty resort, teasing us with upskirt views and breast play. Soon enough she’s getting walking around completely naked, so we can really enjoy her amazing nude figure! Back home she masturbates her way, using her fingers hard into her g-spot for her unique way of masturbation to orgasm. Then she gives us extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts before she tries the Magic Wand toy to masturbate and orgasm again (she’s never used one before, and ends up with some strong vaginal responses). We then get a very sexy/sensual stretching scene where she shows off her cheerleader skills… Putting on a cute bra & panties set, she gives herself a hard breast massage, squeezing those perfect D’s, then with some nipple play as well. Back outside, she wears a very sexy dress & heels, comes out of a supercar and does some posing with it. Walking around this resort, she strips down on the putting course and ends up naked at a tennis court. The intense heat has her going back home, so she can masturbate again — doing it her way with the fingers going into her g-spot. She then tries to insert the large glass ball toy, but its too big for her — so she ends up using a long vibrator as a fun penetration toy. She does the splits on it (erotic!) and then has sex with it on the couch. We then see her dance to some of her favorite music (in the nude of course!) and watch that sexy form move about. Approaching sunset, she puts her hair in pigtails, and puts on a skimpy sporty outfit. Out at a popular hiking trail, she flashes her goods, eventually going naked again, running around the hiking trail fully nude drawing attention of other hikers! She gets horny and g-spot finger masturbates again, until a dust storm starts moving in. What a gorgeous girl, and you’re seeing her here in her first adult shoot — another total first time video girl!

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