FTVGirls – Bailee (Bailey Rayne) – Pretty Innocent -372 Photos & 115mins – Oct 03, 2023

She’s a tall, beautiful blue eyed blonde, and a total First Timer who has never done any adult work before, let alone nudes on camera! From a small town in Indiana, she’s the total girl-next-door with a personality to match. We meet her at a mall, watching her walk though this public place in a very cute but conservative dress. Soon enough, she exposes her full C cup naturals, and her perfect, firm butt! Spreading and playing with herself in this public place, she’s caught several times, but gets away with it! In the parking garage, she strips down completely, then starts masturbating… and running around the parking lot naked as cars drive by! After a topless interview in the car, she goes home to masturbate with her fingers, to a nice natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. We get extreme closeups of her cute private parts, while she talks about how she lost her virginity. Then with her natural flexibility she puts her legs behind her head, and tries the biggest thing she’s ever had — the large glass ball toy! Pushing it into her vagina takes some work, but notice how it spreads and gapes her, and magnifies the insides of her vagina! Also notice how juicy she is inside! At a lunch break, she is interviewed topless, then teases us some more in public while wearing leggy wedges and short shorts. Back indoors, she goes butt naked, then experiments anally, going deep with two fingers, then one thumb in her vagina at the same time, double-penetrating herself! Spreading her butt cheeks wide, we can’t get enough of that perfect butt! Going even more kinky, she then tries stuffing a zucchini deep inside her, having sex with it, and doing herself in various sexual positions. This all arouses her further, to use the Magic Wand toy to another orgasm, with some very strong vaginal contractions. Notice how wet and juicy she gets! Putting on another pretty and seethrough dress, we get seethrough teases of her beautiful figure. She massages her full breasts, then stretches and pulls her sexy nipples. Then she tries to go extreme — stuffing five fingers and near-fisting herself! Watch her spread and gape as wide as possible after nearly pushing her whole hand in. In pigtails and out on the street, we watch her go jogging, then do it topless and bottomless. She’s all about fingering herself, so why not do it on the middle of the road? That is until a car startles her as it passes by her naked figure! At home she tries out the Vibraking Toy, then goes back to the Magic Wand toy, and ends up having another orgasm… and squirting! She’s never squirted in her life — a first time for her. Enjoy this supercute, fun, and natural beauty, it was her first adult shoot, and experienced many firsts, here on FTV 🙂

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