FTVGirls – Ariana – The Seductive Teen Part II- 338 Photos & 71 mins Vids -Nov 08, 2023

FTVGirls – Ariana – The Seductive Teen Part II- 338 Photos & 71 mins Vids -Nov 08, 2023

Supercute teen Ariana returns for another shoot, with more adventure, more kinky play, and definitely more extreme! We see her at a resort, wearing her cute white dress & wedges, teasing us with upskirt views and breast play, then stretching and pulling her long labia. Then she finds the FTV Monster toy, gives it a blowjob, then rides it! She manages to get halfway down the toy, and does herself in views so flattering to her sexy butt. Then, stretched out by the toy, she ends up fisting herself super deep!! Right then, she gets caught by a security guard, and is asked to leave. Back home, she uses her magic wand toy to masturbate to a quick orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, then more fingering and labia play. She always gets juicy wet inside… We then watch her dance to some music, shaking her full butt, and go outside for some soccer ball play in her nightie. On the comfy bed she shows off her cute feet, and does some toe sucking. Off to a department store, she ends up buying a 24 set of markers, then flashes there and at a gas station. Going to the back side of the store, she then takes a few markers and stuffs them inside, almost making them disappear, then pushes them out! At home she takes the challenge and ends up stuffing 23 markers!! Notice how it stretches her incredibly wide. A new record for sure. She even stretches her long labia around and through them. Then using a long double ended dildo, she fucks herself with it, then pushes both ends inside her double penetrating her vagina! She manages to get nearly the entire toy inside her! Then using four apricots, she stuffs them deep, then uses her strong vaginal muscles to push them out one by one. She squeezes the juice out of them… Then its time for her to try riding the famous FTV Toy, and goes really deep with it! She goes hard and fast until it completely exhausts her. Later that night, she wants some more… she ends up getting man-fisted! Not only is it a big hand, she gets fisted very deep, and it gets harder and faster! Incredible… Hope you Ariana fans enjoy her return, and new members should love this cute and fun girls’ attitude to new kinds of sexual fun.
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