DiamondBrazil  -Larrissa Maximiano – Photos & Videos

DiamondBrazil -Larrissa Maximiano – Photos & Videos

Larissa Maximiano – Entrevista.mp4
Larissa Maximiano – Extra 01.ts
Larissa Maximiano – Teaser – V2.ts
Larissa Maximiano-photos.rar

Author: Joker

4 thoughts on “DiamondBrazil -Larrissa Maximiano – Photos & Videos

  1. Hey Joker, how are you? I have a small question, I hope you can answer It: How do you extract these images at HD quality from Diamond Brazil’s site? For legal reasons I must say that I may or not have a subscription, and may or not have finded It to be impossible to take them at this level fo quality by only taking prints of the page. If you could tell me I would sincerely appreciate It.

  2. Alright, you want to keep your secrets, you’re a professional after all. But can you at least point me in the right direction, a forum or something where I can learn It? I’m tired of paying for this stuff and not being able to store digital content locally. I don’t want to spread this or anything, just add more folders to my private collection (10+ years of professional photos from Brazillian magazines like Playboy Brazil, Sexy, Bella da Semana, etc., I’m doing this since I was 17 years old, It’s like a hobby for me).

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