Defloration – Tina la Farfalla – new photos and video – Photos & Video – July 20, 2023

Hi! I’m very excited to be here today. My name is Tina la Farfalla and I’m still a virgin. Although you might get a different expression of me, once you watch the video or read everything I have to say here today and about my life in general. Or how I fell in love and still am with him and how romantic it was and so much fun till now! I grew up in an amazing family, with no siblings and I like that because I never had to share anything with anyone. But maybe if I’d have someone it would be different. Honestly I don’t care and it’s fine with me this way. I was very fast growing kid , in a meaning where my body started to shape at an early age and I enjoyed sneaking out to watch porn with friends and even started to drink alcohol along side smoking when I was 14 years old. Nobody knows about it and that’s good. Specially for my parents who were strict about these things. First time I drank alcohol I got really wasted and then I also got to know my future boyfriend. With whom I got together once I was 15 years old and it was all fun, until her started calling me over for movies while his parents were away and he was kissing me there and touching my body. I dint really et him anywhere closer, but he managed to caress my legs. But that I loved really a lot and I enjoyed it, I was getting really horny all the time. But, lets get a bit back first and let me tell you how our first kiss has happened. I will never forget it and it happened romantically in a village on a sunset. We were taking a walk there and he saw a very vintage looking and old fence, so went there he pushed me against it, put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me for the first time and it was most romantic kiss ever! I will never forget about it! Also when I was a bit younger at age of 12 I was playing on my moms phone and doing selfies, when once I got inside the album with photos to see what I did and found nude photos of her and also many erotical pictures and this was the day when something has switched in me and I got wet in my tight small virgin pussy and started to caress my pussy slowly and it turned into hardcore masturbation and I even had my very first orgasm at age of 12. Nobody knows about this, or at least about the age it first happened. Once I started dating the love of my love, I noticed that our relationship always progresses in a good and fun way and it always involved erotics. He wasn’t a virgin anymore, but I was and I was keeping it for something special and it turned out to be so, but for that you’ll have to stick around for a bit later to see what I mean by that! We even tried mutual masturbation, in two different ways, once we we’re masturbating separately and one I was jerking him off and he was caressing my pussy. One time I decided to suck him off and this was the breaking moment of why I’m afraid to have sex with him. The size of his cock is unbelievable big and I’m honestly very afraid of it! I can’t imagine how something this big can fit inside my pussy or even ass sometimes in the future if he agrees to have anal sex with me. He even offered to lick me out a few times and wow! I had multiple orgasms in a row and he wouldn’t let me get off, but he was holding me down and licking until I almost passed out! This is what love is for us! Today on the other hand is the first day of something huge that is coming into our lives, and starts today with just a casting at worlds best porn studio called Defloration!

Author: Joker