Defloration – Samanta Grom – new photos and video – Photos & Video – Aug 03, 2023

Hi, my name is Samanta Grom. I’m 18 years old, a virgin, and today I’m having my first ever casting. Where I got naked for the first time in front of someone and also masturbated until an orgasm.
My life isn’t really that much interesting, because ever since I was kid, I didn’t really want to hangout in big friends circles or attend any parties or even school events. I always enjoyed being alone and do what I love doing best and that is drawing, but also taking pictures. Once I got a bit older my father got me my very first camera and it was a canon 50D, I was feeling as the happiest kid in the world to have such a camera. Then I started making friends and they were all girls who also enjoyed doing pictures. Then we decided to make a competition and print the pictures to make an exhibition in my fathers photo studio in Moscow . The topic was about us traveling around Russia and doing pictures of sightseeings with animals, more like landscapes. I won the whole competition, but also found out that one girl as doing sexy pictures of me and even masturbating at them and thinking about me. The way I found out was me coming over to her and she didn’t know as her mom let me in to the house and once I opened her room door… I confronted her and she told me the truth and even tried to kiss me and pushed me down on her bed and was grabbing my body parts. Can’t say it was bad but also it wasn’t pleasant to me. So I left her place and then we ended up not being friends. A few years later, when I was 15, I was at home after school, I was super excited, because I got the coolest project ever for architectural drawing that I could send in to a few universities, for them to choose me beforehand, so that once I finish school I can enter there without any problem. So I rushed home quickly and started to draw right away, although this project was due the next few months.. I didn’t want to lose any time though, and I haven’t even noticed how I sat down on my chair.. I was sitting for about 30 minutes and then realized that something is pushing against my pussy, as I started to swirl around I started getting horny, I didn’t know what was going on, but the pleasure was rising, then I stood up and saw my marker there, first I took it away and sat down, but the feeling wasn’t the same and I wanted more! So I took my biggest marker and put it there, also I changed into a skirt and took my panties down. Started to passionately swirl around on it, until the whole chair was wet, and my legs were dripping wet too. That is when I had my first orgasm and I will never forget it. After that I kinda knew how sex would feel like, but I still wanted to get 18 years old first. Then find the right guy and lose my virginity with him and be with him. That marker was my first and my most favorite toy ever, but I was also using my fingers to pleasure myself and I love masturbating too. I do it pretty often and it clears my mind up from everyday stress and all the crazy architectural projects. I also like bees a lot, because when I was doing animal pictures, I first learned how to do macro shots and I practiced in the village house of my grandparents and they had lots of bees there, of course I did get stung a few times, but it was worth it, I’m saying this, so you know why am I very all my clothes with bees in the video, I think they’re cute and I am too.

Author: Joker