Defloration – Nina Lizalaks – new photos and video – Mar 30, 2023

Hi! My name is Nina. Im 18 years old school student. And yes, I’m still a virgin. I came to the casting, not only to break up with my virginity, but also because I want to tell my story. Perhaps my story will help young girls avoid such unpleasant situations that I have experienced. My first sexual experience wasn’t quite normal. I was very young then. I was walking home after school. I was always going home through the park because it’s the shortest way. Suddenly an unfamiliar man approached me. He was much older than me. But I immediately noted that he was very attractive. He had large brown eyes and tidy dark hair. And he was also very tall. He seemed like a giant to a little me. He smiled at me and asked me which school I was in. At first, I was scared that some stranger was trying to have a conversation with me. But he looked kind and I thought he was good and that I might not be afraid of him. We started talking about school, he told me a couple of funny stories about how he had fun at school with his friends and something else , I don’t remember exactly what. Then he suddenly interrupted the conversation and looked at me carefully. After a few seconds, he smiled again and said that I was very beautiful. He had a nice voice, probably I would have recognised this voice from a thousand now. I was glad he said that. My cheeks were full of shy blush. He noticed my embarrassment and said he wanted to give me a gift. You know, it’s really easy to get into a little girl’s trust. By this point, I already fully trusted him and was ready to go anywhere with him. We walked around the park for a little while, and then he took me under the bridge. Not far from the park there is a large bridge along which trains run. Under this bridge was always quiet and deserted. And he brought me there. I didn’t understand or suspect anything wrong. Then he took off his jacket and put it on my shoulders. After that, he quickly opened his zipper and lowered his trousers. He told me to pull my hands forward and then put his dick right into my hands. I was completely confused. Until then, I had never seen a dick, much less held it in my hands. He didn’t try to rape me, he didn’t try to put his dick in my mouth or anything. He just made the little girl holding his dick in her little hands. His head was thrown back, and there was a wide smile on his face. He must have been very good at that point. I was staying there, holding his dick, maybe three minutes. Then he silently hid his dick back and put on his pants. He was shaking. And then he took a bar of milk chocolate with nuts out of his pocket and handed it to me. He guessed it well, it was my favourite. After that, he walked me home. All the way home, I was eating chocolate, biting off small pieces to stretch the pleasure. He was walking nearby and did not say a word, only sometimes he was gently touching my hair and smiling at me in silence. Only a few years later did I understand and realise what happened that day. Yes, it took me several years to realise that that man was out of his mind. I don’t know, maybe he was some kind of maniac or onanist, or just a psycho who had a boner on schoolgirls. I don’t know that and I don’t want to know. I’m just glad he didn’t do me any physical harm and that he didn’t have to rape me to get the pleasure. The awareness of all this greatly affected me. In the end, I began to be shy away from men, maybe even fear them. And I never spoke to strangers on the street again. If some stranger approached me, I was immediately frightened and just ran away from him as quickly as possible. Even if this person was just trying to find out how to go to the bank or to the store. Despite this pathological fear of any relationship with the male sex, I had a boyfriend. We knew each other a long time ago and studied at the same school. It so happened that at some point we began to communicate more and more often, we began to spend more time together out of the school. Eventually we started dating. We both enjoyed spending time at his house and watching movies. We both liked comedies. It was very nice to watch all kinds of comedies together and laugh. I felt comfortable and safe next to him. Sometimes we were kissing. But these kisses were innocent and childish, they did not mean anything more. We just kissed and we both liked it. And everything was wonderful until one day. At first everything was as usual, as always we were sitting at his house and watching some film. But then he kissed me and that kiss lasted a long time. Still continuing to kiss me, he took my hand in his own and slowly put it on his dick. I felt something big and stiff. When I realised that it was his dick, I was immediately frightened, jumped sharply from the sofa and ran out of the room. I closed in the bathroom and started crying. My face was all in tears. I was crying and couldn’t stop. It all seemed to bring me back the day I was under the bridge with that man. I stayed in the bathroom until my mom came to take me home. After that night, I broke up with my boyfriend. It must be weird that I came to the casting, given my fear of men. But I am no longer a little girl, I want to try sex and experience the pleasure that friends tell me so often. Besides, I know what masturbation is. And I often masturbate when I’m home alone. It’s really nice. I think losing the virginity at the casting is a good idea. Because an experienced adult man who knows what and how to do is unlikely to cause me harm or pain, besides in front of the camera. So I think I’m absolutely ready to get my first real sexual experience. Although probably not today, I will think about it, for now just enjoy my first virgin casting.

Author: Joker