Baberotica – Is Hazel Grace the best looking Baberotica model ever? – Photos + Video 1080P MP4 – Dec 11, 2022

We love a great set of tits. We know our tits around the office and can name our favorite models and they all share one thing in common, they all have great tits. That does not mean the tits are the biggest, just that they are great in many aspects and categories. They could be real big, or small but they have to fit the body of the model. Today we introduce our newest Russian model Miss Hazel Grace – and she is amazing! She starts off the shoot with her panties down and a dildo between her legs. We don’t even have time to start the cameras rolling before she has her top pulled down and her panties around her knees and her sex toy in her pussy. She just wanted to start as soon as she could and fuck. She popped the tits out first and that must have sent us all in a panic to start rolling but we were too busy staring at the most perfect set of tits we had ever seen. And then of course they are on arguably the best looking model we have ever had. This is a great day for everyone here at Baberotica as this angel is so fucking hot and sexy and now before we could say anything to her she is fucking her pussy with her legs spread open wide. And then she hops up and turns around and shows us that ass and she does a fucking of her pussy doggy style for us too. This is a video you are going to want to see all of. Go watch it now!


Author: Joker