TheLifeErotic – Poppy – Hard Pumping 1

TheLifeErotic  | Oct 06, 2020 | 18 Megapixels – 80 photos | 220MB

Poppy in Hard Pumping 1

Hot and horny brunette Poppy is an independent, resourceful girl. She gets a kick out of dealing with a crisis single-handed – such as unclogging her bathroom sink. She’s also capable of taking care of herself in other ways… She strips off her practical denim dress to reveal a semi-opaque black bodystocking. It clings to every curve of her slender body and her perfect breasts are visible through the sheer, stretched fabric. Her nipples are hidden by kinky electrical tape crosses, and the crotch is ripped open. Inspired by the slurp and suction of her drain plunger, she attaches a powerful pussy pump to her snatch – freshly shaved for a better seal…

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